Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the deal is real, this are the last rooms of the hotels, for this reason you get a terrific price.

No, you can’t that’s part of the deal. But each hotel has passed a test from our quality inspector, so rest assured you’re going to go in amazing place.

Yes, but the number maybe very limited so be sure to be one of the first to join the auctions in the morning, the early bird catch the worm :)

Every auction has a different number of winners, you can check the ranking list. The green users are probably winning the black one not.

Yes, 15 minute each auction, we want you to be able to know if you have the room in a very short time.

Either you stay on the web site for all the time of the auction, or you enable the top bar notification system, so we can give you an alert in the case of an overbid.

It’s to charge your account in the case you win the auction.

Lastiminute auction are not refundable, be sure to bid only if you’re sure you want to go.

Yes, just contact our quality department and they will check if your structure has the quality standard to be part of bidtotrip.