Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bidtotrip offers the unsold rooms that hotels have to manage every day, and it sells them through an auction. That’s why our prices are so low, but nevertheless legitimate!

Working with unsold rooms, we only get to know at the very last minute which hotels will give us rooms to manage, that’s why we offer them as Secret Deals. We can’t possibly know beforehand which hotel will have unsold rooms and which won’t. What we guarantee to our guests is the quality of every hotel we work with and where the hotel is located thanks to the mapping system on the website.

Yes, we have generally a daily availability. It is possible though, that during specific holidays or major events, the availability might be limited, Our staff will do everything in their power to accommodate our customers and their needs.

Every auction has a different number of winners, depending on the number of rooms available for a specific location.

Yes, every auction lasts 15 minutes. After this time frame, the game starts all over again! Last minute auctions (for same night stays) are available from 10 am to 4 pm, while the auctions stay that need to be booked afterward, are available 24/7.

Unable notifications on your computer, you will get a notification as soon as someone overbids you. We also suggest for you stay online until the auction is over, in just 15 minutes you’ll get the results.

Absolutely not! Participating an auction is completely free. Only the winning bid will be charged on the winner's credit card.

As in every other booking, the credit card is required as a guarantee of the booking itself. It’s a way for our customers to commit to their bidding and their booking; also the hotels require it to lock the room for our guests and we need it to lock the bid. your data are treated with respect and diligence, you can use your card and feel safe. Without your card, unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you the participation.

Purchases on Bidtotrip are non-refundable. Our staff though will do anything to manage your unfulfilled booking, changing the dates of departure or the location.

Absolutely yes! Submit your request here and our staff will reach out to you after.

Because Bidtotrip sells the unsold rooms that hotel have and that they confirm to us on a daily basis. That’s why we can’t know beforehand weather or not the same hotel will have unsold rooms for the next day. You can purchase separately one or more additional nights.